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Dokmeh Studio was founded in 2007 and has steadily grown to be one of the top Tehran-based Web/Graphic studios catering to architecture and design firms both locally and internationally. Working with internationally-recognized design companies, Dokmeh Studio has become known for it’s dedication to quality, creativity, uniqueness and up-to-date technology.

Define Button

(link/connecting device/tool)
(the link between intention and destination/ cause and effect-result/ with the right tool/button, all that is needed is intention/action - creating the right buttons) the link between intention/idea and destination Creating link


/ˈbʌt(ə)n/ noun noun: button; plural noun: buttons
1. a small disc or knob sewn on to a garment, either to fasten it by being pushed through a slit made for the purpose or for decoration. synonyms:fastener, stud, link, toggle; hook, catch, clasp "he did up his shirt buttons"
2. a small device on a piece of electrical or electronic equipment which is pressed to operate it. synonyms:knob, switch, on/off switch, push switch, disc, lever, handle, key, control, controller "press the appropriate button to record" 3. North American a badge bearing a design or slogan and pinned to clothing.
verb: button; 3rd person present: buttons; past tense: buttoned; past participle: buttoned; gerund or present participle: buttoning
1. fasten (clothing) with buttons. "he buttoned up his jacket" fasten the buttons of a garment being worn by someone. "he buttoned himself into the raincoat" (of a garment) be fastened with buttons. "a dress which buttoned down the front"
2. informal
stop talking.

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